Neuropathy is a very common condition that can occur for a number of different reasons including physical trauma, injury, illness, diabetes and toxic exposure. There are different nerves that can be involved, including the autonomic nerves, sensory nerves and also motor nerves. It is unfortunate, but neuropathy itself cannot be cured or treated. The good news is that treatment can take place to fix the underlying cause. Over 20 million people in the United States currently deal with neuropathy. It is most common for people that are in the elderly age range, but neuropathy can occur at any time.

Sensory Neuropathy

When neuropathy occurs to the sensory nerves in the body this can cause a tingling or burning pain in areas of the body like the hands and feet. Numbness is also a common occurrence.

Motor Neuropathy

Our motor nerves control the movement and the power of our body. When neuropathy is present this causes weakness in areas like the hands and the feet.

Autonomic Neuropathy

The more serious autonomic neuropathy affects systems in the body that control things like the bladder, blood pressure and the ability to sweat. A single nerve can be affected or a whole series of nerves.


Currently, among the population of people who have neuropathy, 30% is due to an unknown cause. The most common cause of neuropathy, however, is diabetes. High blood sugar can lead to damage to the nerves. Other causes can include chemotherapy side effects, cancer, excessive use of alcohol, toxic exposure, infections, and injuries where the nerves do not heal properly.


The prognosis of a patient with neuropathy is better if the cause of the neuropathy is known. This allows a medical professional to try and eliminate the cause of the issue. If the cause is unknown, then more often than not the treatment option revolves around trying to cope with the symptoms, whether that means with medication or topical therapies.

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